As with most things in life, your tools and heavy-duty equipment are occasionally going to experience problems throughout their lifetime. Necessary repairs can range from the replacement of parts that wear out to the replacement of components that break prematurely. We have a loyal following of customers who recognize the value of doing business with a company that has established a reputation for providing dependable, honest, and affordable services. Our trained and knowledgeable service staff deliver quality work at all times, going above and beyond normal service for each of our customers.

Quality Equipment Repairs

The service technicians at Bob’s A to Z Rentals are highly skilled and knowledgeable, enabling them to complete prompt, quality equipment and tool repairs. Our service technicians can repair all major brands of tools and equipment. Their abilities make it possible for them to quickly diagnose the problem with faulty equipment, allowing them to get to work repairing it right away.

We Service Everything We Sell

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the best service to each of our customers, our tool and equipment company has the ability to service each product that we sell. If you buy it here, we can fix it here when, and if, the need arises. Our technicians take the time and undergo the training needed to fully understand each tool or heavy-duty piece of equipment so that they can repair it if needed as well as explain how to use it to each of our customers.

Although we repair all types of tools and equipment rented or purchased from our business, some of the pieces that are brought in regularly include gas trimmers, edgers, core drills, chainsaws, air compressors, pole pruners, and blowers. These are all pieces of equipment that are used frequently, which is why they need repairs on a more regular basis than other types of equipment.

Our service technicians can repair all major brands of tools and equipment, including battery-powered and electric machinery. They have the skills needed to efficiently repair earth-moving equipment, construction machinery, wet and dry vacs, metal-working tools, welding equipment, scaffolding, lifts, air compressors, brush cutters, masonry saws, pressure washers, mowers, concrete cutters, and so much more.

Troubleshooting Services

When a part falls off or breaks, it is easy for our customers to come in and tell us what is needed. However, there are also times when machinery simply begins to run erratically or fails to turn on at all. Our skilled technicians have the expertise needed to figure out what is wrong so that they can repair your equipment as soon as possible.

Equipment Replacement

Please ask us if you need replacement equipment from our fleet during the repair process. In most cases, your equipment will be repaired promptly. If, however, our serviceman is waiting for a replacement part for your machinery or tool, it is possible that some downtime might occur. If you cannot wait and need the tool urgently, please let us know.